Ladder Tournament

Royal Palms Chicago
1750 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL

Friday, September 16th 2022 6:00pm - 8:00pm


Additional Information:

ILSA Member Tyler Berry is organizing a quick unofficial Ladder Tournament on Friday to get everyone warmed back up for the Fall Season!

Number of games played will be determined by pace of games, but we anticipate everyone getting six 8-frame games in within the 2 hour period.


King/Queen of the Court Style

  • Ladder System between Courts 1-5 (Court 1 is the bottom court and Court 5 is the top court)
  • If you win your game, you move up a court.┬áIf you lose your game, you move down a court
  • The goal is to move up the courts and get as many wins as you can on the top court

Doubles Format

  • Teams will be randomized- sign up individually and we will pair you with another player attending

Each matchup will be one, 8-frame doubles game

  • Color is determined for a matchup by whichever team won and is moving up into the court
  • The top court winner will always have choice of color

Warm-Up before each game is 4-discs down and back

If score is tied after 8 frames, play 2 more frames until there is no longer a tie

17 People Registered / 17 Maximum