Shuffle Battle for Ultimate Glory II (Brooklyn)

Royal Palms Brooklyn
514 Union St
Brooklyn, NY

Sunday, November 5th 2023 11:30am - 4:00pm

Cost is $50.00

Additional Information:


On Sunday, November 5th, Franklin Alley shuffleboard players will travel to The Royal Palms Brooklyn to compete in the Shuffle Battle For Ultimate Glory II tournament.


  • This is a doubles tournament and there will be a total of 44 players – 22 Brooklyn players and 22 Troy players. Each player participates in one 16-frame doubles game.
  • Each game is a 16-frame game, switching colors after 8 frames. Frame leadoff order is yellow, black, black, yellow, yellow, black, black, yellow. Color will be decided by coin flip. This game format is very similar to how we plan to run the NYSA Nationals Doubles Tournament in June!
  • We will count the total Brooklyn game wins versus Troy game wins. The team that wins more games wins the tournament and gets to keep the Shuffle Battle trophy until the next Shuffle Battle event.


  • Food will be available for purchase through The Royal Palms food truck program or can be enjoyed at a nearby restaurant.

11 People Registered / 11 Maximum