The SKEE League - Fall Skeeball League 2022

Glascott's Saloon
2158 N Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60614

September 28th, 2022 - November 12th, 2022

Additional Information:

Welcome to Fall SKEE @Glascott's Saloon

Glascott's SKEESON XXII Schedule:

WK 1: Sept 28, 29

WK 2: Oct 5, 6

WK 3: Oct 12, 13

WK 4: Oct 19, 20

WK 5: Oct 26, 27

WK 6: Nov 2, 3

PLAYOFFS: Nov 9, 10

Finals: SKEEAPALOOZA - November 12th


Wednesday and Thurs Nights Only

• 6:30pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm, and 9:30pm time slots (Estimated Match Time = 45min-1hr) - 16 teams per night

• Past/Existing League Members are given first right of refusal to reserve team spots.

• League dues cover ENTIRE season of skeeball + SKEE shirts, trophskees and prizes!

• Teams comprised of 3 Rollers (Subs ARE allowed, but only 3 participants will be tracked for team and individual stats. If a 4th roller (frequent sub) would like their individual stats recorded, it's treated like a 4th roller, and an extra $110 will be collected separately prior to the first match of the skeeson.

• Each match is 10 rounds per person. 9 balls per round.

• Highest total score wins the match, and rankings are based on cumulative team point totals / not the Win/Loss record.

• No Team (new or existing) may have a combined adjusted team average of more than 1075 points headed into the Skeeson.

• All rollers sign league waiver prior to participation.

• Those who do not comply with league / host bar code of conduct will be immediately dismissed from the league without refund.

• Repeated instances of unreported absences (No call/No shows) may result in dismissal from league without refund.

Any questions? Please contact


Name Day Time Cost
Wednesday Wednesday 06:30 PM $330.00 per Team
Thursday Thursday 06:30 PM $330.00 per Team
Playoffs 06:30 PM $330.00 per Team